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We welcome the opportunity to guide you as one of our U.S. clients on a smooth path to the nationalization of your international patent applications in Europe and beyond.

  • Work with a respected Germany based international patent law firm, providing dedicated services for more than 50 years.
  • Protect assets and future revenue streams in up to 157 countries.
  • Increase the likelihood that your patent will be issued up to 95%.


Our Patent Firm

JFP was founded as a patent law firm in 1968. Our offices, located in the immediate vicinity of the commercial centers of Stuttgart and Karlsruhe, advises and represent billion market cap companies, SMEs, engineering offices, individual inventors, startup companies, and research institutions, in questions of commercial and intellectual property rights.

Time-Tested Tradition

With over 50 years of experience, our firm has already been serving many of our clients for decades.

Entrepreneurial Thinking

We secure your added value creation comprehensively by securing appropriate intellectual property rights for you, and thus support you in successfully augmenting your market position.

Globally Linked

In close cooperation with international colleagues, we offer you an appropriate strategy for achieving worldwide protection of your intellectual property.

The Range of Our Services

Whether for patents, trademarks or designs – we serve you as our clients in obtaining intellectual property rights on the national, European and international level as well as in questions of administration, enforcement and defense of your intellectual property rights including litigation.

Patents and Utility Models

Patents and utility models protect technical developments, on the condition that they are novel, are based on an inventive step, and can be used commercially. Patent protection is granted after a detailed process of examination by the Patent Office. For patent application documents, preparation based on expertise is essential if the examination process is to be successful.


A trademark protects the name of a business, product, or service. Trademarks are not limited to word and image marks. Trademarks can also be granted for slogans, for the form and makeup of a product, or for audible marks. We aid our clients in the trademark application process, including for instance formulating an appropriate list of goods and services.


A design provides protection for the external form of a product or of a part thereof. This comparatively inexpensive protection offers a term of protection for a maximum of 25 years. We advise our clients in all their objectives in this respect, such as to how the appearance of a design is presented. These objectives define the subject and scope of the protection and are therefore of crucial significance.

Licensing and Contract Law

Intellectual property rights can be profitably used not only directly by their owners, but also by others, for instance through the issuance of licenses to third parties. We provide comprehensive advice to our clients as to possible options for cooperation, and we represent them until they have attained all their goals in this respect.

Employee Invention Law

The law on employee inventions regulates the conditions of ownership of an invention between employee and employer. We advise our clients on the use of the appropriate legal regulations in terms of the applicable subject matter.

Expert Opinions, Infringement and Defense of Intellectual Property Rights

Is our intellectual property right being infringed by a competitor? What are the appropriate steps to take in asserting our rights? Can we put our product on the market without infringing the intellectual property rights of a competitor? For our clients, we research the facts of the situation and advise them of all their options, including alternatives to the procedural route, such as issuing licenses.


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